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June 05, 2009


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Cynthia Waitt

Ceanothus..some are low growing ground covers, others are hedge size. (Kristin H's mom)


Cynthia - ceanothus is definitely what I was looking for. Hillary, I don't think that photo is ceanothus, or at least not the kind I've seen. In fact, that photo looks like the shrub that I'm replacing because it died back so far this winter!

I looked up ceanothus online and found this great site:

I can't wait to get this plant!


Rachel, since your question - and Cynthia, since your post...

I see ceanothus everywhere!

I took some photos at the Woodland Park Zoo today of ceanothus adorned with pollinators. Bees really do love it.

My question for bee-keeping folks (of which I am envious and a wannabe) is, "Are bumblebees honey-making bees?" I am seeing loads of bumblebees around this year, but have only spotted what I know to be "honey bees" on a suspected weed in my yard and on campanula.

Also, Rachel, do you know the name of the shrub you're replacing? I pruned mine back after a visit from Cristine & Tom (who informed me "It shouldn't look like that," and advised to prune it.)...and it's making a comeback. No flowers yet, but an abundance of green growth.


Rachel, I took some nice shots of ceanothus at the zoo, which seem to have vanished from my camera. I'm distressed, but will take some more photos as soon as I see one...

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