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June 04, 2009


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Hi! I've had some similar sentiments this week. I came home yesterday to find all of my spring flowers in my porch hanging baskets completely dead. 24 hours earlier they had been standing upright, managing decently. Oh well, time for summer flowers!

Most of my plants, though, grew a noticeable amount during the day yesterday while I was at work. It was shocking to see 2" of growth on snap peas and 3-4" on lavender!

I considered watering some somewhat tolerant ornamental beds but decided against it. Even though it's cooler, I might do so later today because we haven't had rain in forever.


* How are your plants looking?
the plants are thriving - the acclimated plants are doing just great - fruit trees are full, roses bursting out in bloom; zucchini and tomatoes are going nuts - inches of growth in the last week. We have even harvested some sugar snaps (planted in April!) and of course lettuce, garlic and leeks.

The vines are loving the heat, and the peonies are blooming weeks early due to the heat.

* Are you using your sprinkler?
I dont remember a June this warm before and its a challenge because we just planted a bunch of new things in April and May, and the new plants need water. We planted a huge number of veggies and ornamentals in later May, so yet, we have been using the sprinklers - deep watering of small, targeted sections. We have sprinklers that we can control the flow and make sure they are watering only the required plants.

* Any tips for staying cool in the garden?
Pergola covered with evergreen clematis and grapes - heaven!
Planning work around where the sun will be (backyard is east so I'm there in the evening, front yard is west, havent been there much after work.

Dwane Zelinsky

We've taken to watering the plants at dawn and dusk to get the most out of the cooler times of the day. That way, the soil will absorb the water just before the sun shines.

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