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April 29, 2009


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The top one looks like Forget-me-nots, which self seed very easily. They also can be susceptible to powdery mildew.


I don't recall the first one, but the second brings back memories. I haven't pulled any of those in a year since moving. Glen told me once that the woman who owned the place 2 before us planted a bunch of wild flowers along the side and front and Trish was constantly pulling them up, so we figured it was one of those. We didn't really like it and it spread pretty quickly, so we pulled it.

Kristin Hutchinson

Weeds! I pulled both of those up a ton! However, I have no idea what they are specifically.


We're cracking up over here tonight. This is good stuff. I'm going to put on my weeding gloves tomorrow!


Yup! Forget-me-nots. State flower of Alaska.


We've got them all over the front garden now. ;-)

I was referred to this site, by the way, by a poster on http://www.myballard.com where we just had a plant identification discussion:


Thanks for the info!


I will forget-this-not, Silver. (Good thing I'm not a comedian ;) )

Very exciting about the poster at myballard.com. I would like this to be a venue for everyone (not just me) in Seattle and surrounding areas to post photos and questions....but I have to start somewhere.

I'm going to post a more formal message about that momentarily....

...and then I will check out the discussion.

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