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Hi, I'm Hillary and I created Seattle Plant Exchange for entirely selfish reasons.

I moved to West Seattle from Annapolis, Maryland in 2008 and am in complete awe of this amazing place and the things that grow from its rich soil. Fortunately, some avid gardeners previously inhabited my house, so I'm having a blast moving things around and dividing plants. However, I still can't identify half of the plants in my yard and I don't know enough people to coordinate exchanging the plants I don't need.

And so the Seattle Plant Exchange is born. I envision this being a venue for identifying "mystery" plants, discussing best practices, and coordinating exchanges of plants from one garden to another.

The vision is simple. Promote beauty, sustainability, and community within Seattle gardens and among their gardeners by trading plants, seeds, bulbs, etc. - instead of throwing them in the compost pile.

Additional Background
I am an amateur gardener who developed a passion for horticulture at Smith College.

If I'm not gardening in the rain, I'm tending to my other seedlings: family, friends, and my consulting business.